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15-year-old boy and his friends confronted while trying to lodge into an hotel with two teenage girls (video)

A video circulating online shows a 15-year-old boy being challenged by a concerned adult after attempting to book a hotel room with two teenage girls.

A 15-year-old was confronted.
The teens, who were made up of three males and two girls, went to the hotel to reserve a room when they were confronted by a man who requested for their ages.

The ringleader revealed his age as 15 years old. When asked if he wanted to book a hotel room, he responded yes, but that it was not “really for him.”

affirmed but said the room is not “actually for him”.

15 year old confronted

The man then interrogated the teenage girls, but they appeared uneasy and moved away, their faces hidden from the camera.

Watch the video below

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