BBTitan: Housemates express shock as they will now play in pairs – What it means [See Video]

There has been a twist in the ongoing Big Brother Titan show. This is the first of its kind, but the housemates do not like the show’s new twist.

Biggie made the housemates play a game of Twist. After they first played a game of precision, they were paired with each other by virtue of a selection.

Biggie instructed a housemate to pick another housemate of the opposite s*x and from a different Nationality. Below is how it went:

  • Thab*ng and Nana
  • Nelisa and Yemi Cregx
  • Juicy Jay and Olivia
  • Jaypee and Lukay
  • Kanaga Jnr and Blue Aiva
  • Yaya and Marvin
  • Yvonne and Justin
  • Mmeli and Jenni O
  • Tsatsii and Ebubu
  • Blaqboi and Ipeleng
  • Sandra and Theo Traw
  • Khosi and Miracle OP

What does it mean?

This means, if a housemate partner gets a strike, the other gets a strike.

If a partner gets evicted, the other gets evicted, and so on!

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