BBTitans: Gbas gbos as Sandra and Olivia engage in a heated f!ght dirty, what happened between Sandra and Olivia

The Big Brother Titans show records the first fight in Biggie’s House and it was between two female Nigerian Housemates Olivia and Sandra.

The fight, which came in form of an altercation happened on Sunday, Day 7 of the show after Biggie paired each housemate with their opposite gender.

In the video making the rounds, Sandra had claimed she instructed Olivia not to laugh at her after she (Sandra) expressed that she was not happy with the outcome of the pairing.

Sandra didn’t like the fact she was paired with male South African Housemate Theo Traw.

As Sandra was expressing herself in front of some of their colleagues, Olivia came around but tries to walk towards the bathroom to wash her hand, as she saw Sandra’s mood, Olivia wanted to laugh, but Sandra advised her to laugh at her.

Olivia picked offense from Sandra’s words and boom, the altercation began.

As the altercation continued, Housemates were seen preventing Olivia and Sandra from engaging in a physical fight.

Sandra is paired with Theo and she is upset.

So Olivia approached her and she told Olivia not to laugh cos she is upset.

Olivia says she can’t tell her what to do.

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