BBTitans: Housemates Thrown to Tears with One Touching Story [See Details]

The crying saga started with Yaya, who ran to a corner of the house because she was deeply overcome by her emotions. Fellow female housemates soon followed sharing words of encouragement. Yaya tearfully talked about her father and his absence in her life.

She also lamented about her birthday, stating that she had never celebrated her birthday away from her family.

The first person to cry was the birthday girl Yaya, she was crying and saying she can’t remember ever doing her birthday outside of her family and how badly she misses her father who was never with her

Housemates Thrown To Tears With One Touching Story
Housemates Thrown To Tears With One Touching Story

She never had a father figure in her life growing up so telling her story triggered the other housemate who had a similar experience to join in the crying.

Among those crying are Ebubu and Black Boi

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