BBTitans; “I Had S*x for Money Because of My Parents”, Nana Reveals Her Life Story [See Details]

This story of a current BBTitan housemate has gotten viewers stunned, she has revealed what happened in her life that changed her feelings about her parents and life. It is no secret that so many children are born to parents who cannot care for and protect them

Despite the lack of financial resources, it is only natural that parents provide emotional and mental support for their offspring. Lack of any kind of support can be traumatizing for children.

Housemate Reveals Her Life Story
Housemate Reveals Her Life Story

This seems to be the case for Nana, a current housemate of BBTitans, according to her, she felt her parents were never proud of her as a child, hence they never took care of her or acknowledged her accomplishment.

She continued her story by narrating the struggle she went through, she told her fellow housemate that she did dirty things for money, and she had to engage in s*xual acts she hated for money. These activities she hated influenced how she feels about her parents.

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