BBtitans: Khosi Reveals What Will Happen If A South African Dates A Nigerian, [See Why]

Brother Titans housemate Khosi has disclosed that one of the most abominable acts in South Africa is dating a Nigerian.

Khosi, who is currently in a cosy and undefined relationship with Nigerian housemate Yemi, made the shocking disclosure during a conversation in the house.

According to Khosi, this was the reason for the issue she had in her past relationship. She claimed the taboo affected their three-year-old relationship.

“In South Africa, it is like a taboo to date a Nigerian man,” she said. When asked for the reason, Khosi added that “some things are better left unsaid.”

Recall that Yemi and Khosi are the first to show any form of intimate connection in Biggie’s house.

This has left many people wondering what will become of Khosi’s relationship with Yemi, who is a Nigerian.

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