BBTitans: Yvonne and Juicy Jay’s budding ship [See Details]

Cupid struck, and the Big Brother Titans housemates Yvonne and Juicy Jay’s ship is setting sail.

Since day 1 in the Big Brother Titans house, South African native Juicy J and Nigerian sweetheart Yvonne have had eyes for each other.

The pair are constantly together, having cute conversations and teaching one another about their cultures.

Although in a conversation with Jenni O, Yvonne had previously stated that she had no time for ships as she has her eyes on the $100 000 grand prize, today, things took a turn. The pair sealed their ship with a sneaky kiss while in the garden.

Juicy Jay also expressed his admiration for Yvonne, saying he loves how effortless she is.

Yvonne had previously mentioned her love for a local Nigerian dish, pounded yam, and in Juicy J’s words, he would like her to “pound his yam.”

While things seem rosy aboard this ship, there might be some trouble in paradise as Nelisa might have something for Juicy J too.

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