BBTitans: Yvonne revealed how she can make Juicy Jay go crazy in Bed (video)

The relationship in the ongoing Big Brother Titans is getting more and more interesting as housemates are merging themselves perfectly.

Recently Khosi who is said to be with Yemi Cregx was asking Juicy Jay who he likes and she goes like, do you like Jaypee and then he said no then she asked who do you like, Juicy Jay immediately turns and looks at Yvonne.

Apparently, he and Yvonne have been seen together a couple of times and many have already shipped them.

They are the second ship in the house to form after Yemi Cregx and Khosi.

With the way the shipping is going, it looks like the housemates are actually doing Inter country relationship.

Yvonne and Juicy Jay are Nigeria and South Africa ships same as Yemi Cregx and Khosi.

Make Me Go Crazy Yvonne Beggs Juicy Jay In Bed
Make Me Go Crazy Yvonne Beggs Juicy Jay In Bed

So before they went to bed Yvonne asked Juicy Jay if he lays his bed when he wakes up and he said yes the next thing was let’s go to your bed.

They were on the bed when Juicy Jay asked Yvonne to make him go crazy and she told him plainly I can make you go crazy.

A night ago we saw Yemi Cregx and Khosi in a very compromising position, we can’t for sure tell what they did but they were kissing and doing some hand movements under the duvet.

Later tonight the housemates were still seen kissing and hugging each other.

Now while other housemates like Jaypee are begging to sleep on her bed with her, others have already started sleeping on the same bed

It is expected that in no distant time, the under-the-duvet actions that are very common with the show will soon start and that is if it has not started already.

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