F!ght: Jaypee and Olivia engages in an Indirect Gbas Gbos

Early this afternoon, Jaypee and Olivia decided to engage in an indirect gbas gbos. Olivia commented on Jaypee while she was doing her make-up. It seemed friendly until Jaypee retorted “you are the one always wearing makeup”.

Jaypee told Olivia that she was always changing wigs and wearing makeup.

Indirectly insinuating that she was looking for male validation. Olivia being oblivious took this as a joke and laughed it off.

At the sight of Olivia’s disappearance, Jaypee confided in Nelissa about her insecurities.

BBTitans Jaypee shades Olivia
BBTitans Jaypee shades Olivia

She complained about her dark skin. She even complained that the Nigerian girls selected were all light skin, thereby accusing big brother of bias.

She seems to have forgotten that Nana, is also dark-skinned and Nigerian like herself.

All these complaints about her color were a direct shade at Olivia.

She went on and on about light skin privilege, makeup, and clothing.

She was consistently throwing shade at Olivia, who is known for her fashion and putting effort to look presentable in the house.

She claimed that she did not need to put in that much effort.

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