Fight in Big Brother house as Yemi Gets Angry With Housemates because of Khosi

Yemi has expressed his anger towards what he considered an unfair act that was directed at his three days love, Khosi.

These two have been playing the lovebird role since they got in the house and it is only expectable that he would have a certain bias when it comes to her.

Their relationship has gotten fans talking and shippers gushing about how cute they are.

There has been some suspicion concerning his intention toward her, but his attitude has shown he genuinely has a soft spot.

During a conversation they were having today, he revealed how he was offended at Yaya and Ipeleng.

According to him, he had asked Khosi to help both of them with cooking duties and they left everything for her.

Yemi Gets Angry With Housemates Cause Of Khosi
Yemi Gets Angry With Housemates Cause Of Khosi

She revealed she wasn’t troubled about it, but his initial concern is proof that he cares about her and how she is treated by other housemates in the house.

He was ready to confront Yaya who is his friend just because of Khosi.

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