“I have been noticing your d!ck is hard,” Khosi says as she touched Yemi’s manh00d [See Video]

Khosi and Yemi Cregx hit it off as soon as they entered Biggie’s house. Their spark and chemistry were almost instantaneous, as the pair’s fl!rtations kept reaching new heights with every hour they spent together.

But on day 2 of their budding romance, a third party seemed to be making her way into the mix.

Up until now, Khosi and Yemi Cregx have remained the most stable, potential relationship in the house.

In the early hours of Monday, the two had a spicy conversation about their connection.

It is then that Khosi expressed her discomfort with people’s perceptions of their relationship

The two came to an agreement to remain cautious about the way they move. The outcome of that chat was to put a pause on their relationship.

That didn’t last long, however, as they spent all of Tuesday unable to keep their hands off each other

Some of their conversation

I’ve been noticing your d!ck, OMG! Why is your d!ck hard??

YEMI: Laughs it’s always hard sometimes

Khosi: touch Yemi’s dck* then said, “it’s look big”¯***

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