“I Want You, I Love Seeing You Everyday” – BBTitans Tsatsii Tells kanaga. He responds [See Details]

The ongoing Big Brother Titans reality tv show season 1 is getting more interesting by the day with ships, drama and the long awaited gbas gbos (See all the gbas gbos here)

The most anticipated ship in the house is that of Tsatsii and Kanaga. The 2 love birds are now ready to take their love story to the next level.

During a brief conversation today, The South African housemate, Tsatsii and a Nigerian housemate, Kanaga talked about the needs and wants in their relationship.

Tsatsii is definitely doing everything possible to secure her relationship with Kanaga as she uses every moment to express how she feels about the Nigerian housemate, Kanaga.

Recall that days ago, Tsatsii stylishly told khosi to take her eyes off her man (Kanaga) when khosi told her (Tsatsii) that she has eyes on someone else in the house and not Yemi.

Here is the conversation between Tsatsii and Kanaga; 

Tsatsi: I want to be shipped with money and I don’t need anybody 

Kanaga: but you need me, look me into the eyes and tell me you don’t need me

Tsatsi: I don’t need you, I want you, I love seeing you everyday 

Kanaga: Awwn thank you baby, I love seeing you everyday too 🤭🤭

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