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“I’ll Wait Till After The House Before Any S€xual Activity”- Sheggz Tells Bella Not Long After They Settled Their Differences (VIDEO)

Sheggz and Bella, housemates on Big Brother Nigeria’s seventh season, argued briefly after presenting their wager challenge, but they subsequently made up, apologized to one another, and went to dinner together.

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Sheggz told Bella during their conversation that she is very significant to him and that he is willing to postpone any sexual activity until after the show. He stated that he would decline even if she requested it because he didn’t want to harm her reputation.

Sheggz: I don’t play with your matter oo bcos i don’t want to lose you

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20220725 215919

Bella: I also don’t play with you

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Sheggz: You’re so special to me, and i’m willing to wait till after the house to indulge any form of sęxüâI activity with you, because i rate you so much. Even if you want it, I have to protect your image.

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