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40-Year-Old African Woman who Gave Birth to 44 Kids from One Man Goes Viral, Video Shows House Where They Live


A tough and healthy African woman, 40 years old, has sparked controversy on the Internet after a video surrounding how she birth 44 children from a single father.

With her most recent childbirth in December 2016, the Ugandan woman delivered 22 boys and 16 girls.

Mama Uganda, as she is affectionately known, looks after her children after her husband abandoned them after stealing all of their belongings.

According to sources online, mama Uganda gave birth to 44 children from a single father without undergoing any special medical procedures. After being married off by her parents at the age of 12, the Ugandan woman began childbearing at the age of thirteen.

The 40-year-old woman revealed in a video published on Facebook by Explorer Joe Hattab that she is a single mother after her husband abandoned them while vanishing with all of their belongings.

The single mother is now on her own to care for the 38 children, six of whom are dead.

Mama Uganda has been able to enroll all of her children in school because to a generous Arabian guy who provided bunk beds for her children.

Mama Uganda gave birth to a total of 22 boys and 16 girls, all of whom are still alive. In addition to the single delivery, she has delivered twins four times, triplets five times, and quadruplets five times. According to reports, no manner of family planning worked for her.


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