Abuja Uber Driver Promise To Start Keeping Guns In His Car After Another Uber Driver Was Killed By Arm Robbers

A facebook user Ekeson Egwunonwu has taken to his space to share a bewildering incident of how a fellow uber driver was stabbed to death by armed robbers.

He said, about three weeks ago an Abuja Uber driver was stabbed to death and jettisoned along Gwarimpa-Kubwa express way and was conveyed to Kubwa Mortuary.

“The doctor reported that amongst umpteenth places he was stabbed by the car robbers, the hole in his chest was six inches deep.

“That left we, the Abuja Uber drivers with one question: did the robbers drill his heart chamber with driller?

“I saw the picture and my guts and spirit left me some seconds”, he explained.

According to him two days ago, in a broad daylight, two corolla cars were snatched on gunpoints in Gwarimpa.

Ekeson has disclosed his intentions of owning a gun for self-defence since the crisis is rampant and ravaging the city of Abuja.

“The South African guys into this stuff have guns and not just South Africans, Other Swahili.

“Speaking countries where Uber thrive have greater percentage of the drivers wielding guns for sake of these bozos who have decided wreck themselves.

“Even those drivers in the US and UK wield guns, too. Not to attack riders but for some idiots,” he explained.

“I am getting a gun soon.

“And until I am done with Uber work, the gun is not in any way leaving my car, Ekeson affirmed.

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