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Adesuwa’s Husband, Banky W narrates a shocking encounter with arm robbers in Lagos

Bankole Wellington, better known as Banky W, a Nigerian singer, has spoken out about a robbery he had a few years ago.

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He described being accosted and manhandled by robbers after a church service.

They put him in their car, roughed him up, beat him up, and drove him around town, he said.

Fortunately for him, his song “Mr Capable” saved him from being killed and dumped at Ajah.

Banky W described how he had to beg them and introduce himself to them.

Before they let him go, he sang his hit song to them to make them believe him.

This was revealed by Banky W during an interview with his best friend and media personality, Ebuka Uchendu.

“I was leaving church, I got accosted by armed robbers. They took me in their car, roughed me, beat me and used me to drive around town. I had taken a girl I like to church and the incident happened after I dropped he off. They wanted to take me to Ajah to dump my dead body and I started begging them. Even while I was begging, they told me to shut up and threatened to shoot me. I had to introduce myself to them that I am the one who sang ‘Mr Capable’ and they asked me to sing which I did with a gun in my face”

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