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Amaka finally reacts to Phyna’s statement about what she’d do to both her and Beauty

Amaka Mbah, a reality TV personality, tweeted lovely photographs with the remark “Women should not chase anyone, knowing fully that they are enough and their ambitions are worthy.”

Screenshot 20220916 140309 Instagram
Screenshot 20220916 140340 Instagram

She wrote:

Blessed Is the woman that chases no ONE,Needs no VALIDATION,and handles her business like a BOSS.
It’s Makky billions o’clock.”


If the anyone was fake it was Amaka
She carried level two things and told the level ones
That was the reason why Bryan and Daniella said you talk toomuch
So you sep no better


See how she’s throwing you under the bus

Screenshot 20220916 140406 Instagram


What Phyna said behind you,she will say it to your face,she doesn’t have time to beat around the bush,she will drag herself when she is wrong,and everything she is saying we watched it happen,no capping!

ePW recalls that Phyna said Amaka and Beauty are too small, according to the hype priestess, and if they try any Nonsense in the Reunion because of the Groovy situation, she will wipe them. This was revealed during Phyna’s conversation with Chomzy and a few other housemates last night. They should be prepared for heels to fly because there is no rule at Reunion, she continued.