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Among all other homemates, Biggie writes emotional letter to Liquorose and Emmanuel

The producers have penned goodbye letters to each housemate as we wait for the grand premiere of Big Brother Naija Season 7, the biggest reality show in Africa.

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After reviewing the notes sent to each housemate, the one sent to Liquorose and Emmanuel particularly was emotional.

The fact that the Emmarose ship has since shattered is no longer news.

Fans and lovers of the pair learned about the tension that developed between them.

Liquorose discussed their relationship during the reunion, which was hosted by the show’s executive producer Ebuka Uchendu.

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Liquorose claimed she caught him cheating on her while on their trip to Dubai.

According to her, she had walked in on him with a lady in his room.

Liquorose said, “The light was off, the music was playing, it was dark, the girl was sitting at the edge and covering her face with a facemask”.

“So I walked out thinking that my so-called boyfriend will be after me. He didn’t look for me or call me”.

Liquorose and Emmanuel stated their relationship had ended after the tragic confession.

Liquorose was the first to respond when Ebuka asked if their relationship was finished, and she stated, “I am done. It comes with disrespect.” In response, Emmanuel said, “It is not working for both… so it is done.”

Biggie wrote a special note to the couple mentioning how they had shown that a spark may ignite despite a past error.

Biggie claimed that their continued relationship and romance after the Wild Card fiasco put the expression “leaving the past behind” a whole new meaning.

Biggie noted that even though their ship did not set sail, it provided the show with wonderful memories thanks to its spectacular ship.

The message says,

“Emmanuel and Liquorose, you both showed us that a spark can be ignited regardless of a previous mistake. Your friendship and romance despite the Wild Card debacle gave new meaning to the phrase “leaving the past behind”. Even though the ship did not sail as far as we wanted it to, you both gave us beautiful memories with your amazing ship”.

Biggie's letter to Emmanuel and Liquorose
Biggie's letter to Emmanuel and Liquorose

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