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Anonymous: Source reveals Maria’s Participation in BBNaija Was Bought

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Maria Chike Benjamin’s entry into the BBNaija House this year was allegedly sponsored and literally purchased by a married man she’s meeting, an anonymous source revealed.

According to the source, they said the BBnaija star is now flirting with a senator, who is warning her of the severe implications if she does not pull the plugs.
He went on to say that, unlike Kelvin’s wife, the senator’s wife would likely pour Maria acid if she became sexually involved with her husband.

The post reads;

I warned you before I comot , you no hear, now see yourself , I no Dey talk if I no seeFace with tears of joy 👁 👁 👁 But that one don go sha, but una change the whole narratives o, while the woman was Married to her husband Na since then you don Dey nack the man,

You master minded everything that happened in that marriage, AND YES, BBNaija is by connection, HE SPONSORED YOU INTO THAT HOUSE, EVERY YEAR

 Na just one random person them Dey carry enter the house for Bbnaija, the rest buy slots, but your gist don go and thank God say I Dey on leave then I for come help una add petrol

 I am revisiting your matter small because some of my followers asked for it. You lucky o oyinbo. That senator you wan Dey eye now

I just say make I warn you ahead again, him wife Na agbero o, e nor be like kelvin wife, this one go pour you confirm Ac** Abort mission o, i come in peace.


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