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Atlast! Maria Finally Opens Up On Why Her Lips Were Swollen As Fans Show Concern

Maria Chike Benjamin, a reality television star, has reacted to fans’ concerns about her bulging lip.

Maria Chike Benjamin’s video with swollen lips sparked a lot of conversation on social media, as previously reported.

Maria, who is presently enjoying her time in Dubai with her married lover, Kelvin, shared a picture of one of their sweet moments on her Instagram account.

In the video, Maria can be seen in the car with some of her pals, grooving to the song’s beat.

Maria’s puffy lips, on the other hand, drew the attention of certain internet users, who wondered what had happened to her.

While some speculated that it was the result of a kiss, others speculated that it was the result of someone punching her in the lips.

In response, the reality TV actress stated she had a straightener mistake on her lips in a post uploaded on her Instagram account.

“Today, my straightener busted my lips,” she wrote.

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