“Battle of the heavenly mummies” – Reactions as female preachers ‘fight’ over revelation (video)

Sister Kate, a contentious preacher, has been chastised by a female preacher for her recent disclosure about wearing floral dresses.

Sister Kate, who claims to have seen the rapture more than 40 times, recently revealed a comprehensive list of things that can prevent individuals from making it to paradise.

People who wear floral gowns, she claims, are frowned upon by God, and they will not enter heaven. She also stated that tying wrappers while exposing the upper body, wearing lipstick, weavon, pants, flowery clothing, shoes with sparkling items, jewelries, and clothing that exposes some portions of the body are all direct tickets to hell.

In a video that circulated online, another female preacher rebutted Kate, accusing her of perplexing people with her findings.

She questioned whether the Jesus Kate saw in her revelation was the same one depicted on African posters, and she described her as obnoxious.

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