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BBN Liquorose Warns Waist Trainer Brand Using Her Image to Promote Their Products

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Liquorose, a reality TV personality, has issued a disclaimer after a prominent waist trainer firm used her photo to sell their wares just a few hours earlier.
Several Liquorose followers went so far as to buy her waist trainers only minutes after they posted her photo.

As a result of this, she Tweeted;


Please for the sake of public clarity, I will like to categorically state that till I endorse or officially announce a waist trainer company on my official pages please do disregard any waist Trainer brand promoting or marketing of their product using my image”

Meanwhile, Nigerian artist, Tiwa Savage was spotted with the KIng of luxury Sujimotos and there have been speculations if Tiwa is delving into real estate or she is signing a new endorsement with the company.

According to Gistloverblog, Tiwa had said, ‘’Suji, Buying bags is cute, but that your real estate though…E choke”. Now the question remains,

It was reported late last year that Davido, the CEO of DMW, had purchased a property from the Sujimoto Group.
Gistloverblog said It’s unclear if Tiwa Savage is preparing to purchase an apartment in Banana Island’s highest residential structure or has finally discovered her somebody’s son.’

Another thing we saw was how much the workers, labourers, and everyone at Sujimoto Group adored and admired Jamil Balogun’s mother.


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