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BBN Nini Reveals Why She Would Never Show Her Boyfriend to Anyone on Social Media

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Despite the pressure, reality TV star Nini Singh, nicknamed Nini, has stated that she will never show off her partner on social media.

That will never happen. My love life will never be made public since it is a personal matter for me, and I desire to keep it private. I’m not going to talk about my personal life.”

The BBnaija star whom another housemate Saga had confessed love to said, said, “I am never going to flaunt my man on social media.

That’s never happening. My love life will never be public because that’s my private life and I intend to protect it. I am not going to put my love life out there”.

When the BBnaija star was questioned about how much her life had changed after Big Brother Naija, she replied, “My life has changed drastically after the show.

 Before BBN, I was a very private person. Nobody knew me. My social media account was even on private (mode).

I grew up in Auchi, Edo State, but coming out of BBN, it has been crazy. I go out and people recognise me.

It is not something I am used to. I am really trying to find a balance and adjust to the new life. I am doing pretty well.”

Nini, who had a romantic moment with her fellow housemate, Saga, while in the house asserted that her relationship (friendship) with him was genuine

She said“My friendship with Saga was genuine. It was just about me living my life. I think it was also genuine from his end. I am okay with it honestly. Saga and I have a great connection. We are great friends.”


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