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Nigerian man left in total shock as POS operator in his neighbourhood allegedly buys a Benz


A Nigerian guy described how he was taken aback by the dramatic change in the life of a POS operator in his neighborhood.
Even though he formally launched the firm a month ago, the stated gentleman moved to Twitter to report that the POS owner recently purchased a Mercedes Benz.

In a tweet, @belafeid speculated on the potential of the mentioned POS operator engaging in fetish money-making acts, stating that he has difficulties believing that the businessperson obtained the trip with the earnings of their business.

He wrote,

”The guy wey just open POS shop last month for my area don buy Benz…una dey baff soap ontop POS business again

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His tweet elicited a variety of responses, with some describing how lucrative the POS business is and others making light of the situation.


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