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BBnaija Housemates Were Full Of Energy & Vibes As They Party Hard Courtesy Of Tecno


On Thursday, October 28th, 2021, the BBNaija housemates were treated to a turn party sponsored by luxury smartphone brand TECNO. The celebration was graced by 23 of the 26 “Shine Ya Eyes” roommates, and the atmosphere was nothing short of electrifying when they all came in singles and groups.

Tecno BBNaija

The roommates didn’t disappoint, as they arrived dressed to the nines. We all know that a TECNO event would be incomplete without photographs, right? The housemates shot multiple photographs on the blue carpet before the celebration with the newly released CAMON18 smartphone.

Tecno BBNaija
Tecno BBNaija4

Apart from the BBN contestants, there were also famous visitors in attendance, with Uti Nwachukwu and Kie Kie energising the crowd and making the night unforgettable with laughter and dancing while engaging the housemates. Ric Hassani, Kunle Remi, and a slew of other celebrities and influencers are among the guests.

Tecno BBNaija2
Tecno BBNaija
Tecno BBNaija

The night began with supper, with the housemates reminiscing about their favourite memories during their days in the house. The secrets and inside jokes disclosed to the enjoyment of other visitors and fans, due to celebrity hostesses Kiekie and Uti, were even more enjoyable. They also talked about some of the things they’ve done since leaving the BBNaija home.

Then the celebration went all out! Special thanks to Toby Shang, the magical hypeman, and DJ Embassy, who flowed so smoothly and added some additional spice to the celebration!

Tecno BBNaija 7
Tecno BBNaija 11
Tecno BBNaija 10
Tecno BBNaija 12

You may also catch up on all the energy and enjoyment on TECNO’s page, just in case you missed it. The company went all out to celebrate the housemates and provide a memorable evening for the fans. TECNO, congrats!

Tecno BBNaija 6

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