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BBNaija Organizers under attack, accused of favouritism after evicted housemates reunited with other housemates (Video)

For the last seven weeks, Big Brother Naija level Up season has provided us with a number of twists and shocks.

This season has been full of surprises, from Amaka’s abrupt eviction to the introduction of two homes, Level One and Level Two, the nomination procedure, and now the decision to keep expelled housemates.

As previously mentioned, Biggie combined the ousted housemates with the remaining roommates who were residing in Level 3 housing.

On Saturday night, ePW claimed that Biggie had changed the rules of the game shockingly by keeping the expelled housemates.

Ebuka Uchendu, the host of the show, said that Biggie had established a third home for expelled housemates during the live eviction.

The residents of the residence would remain there until September 18

The expelled housemates, in Ebuka’s opinion, are unable to compete for the N100 million brand award.

Following through on his promise, Biggie combined the residents.

Social media erupted over this, with many accusing the show’s producers of cheating.

One Nana Amaelikplim wrote, “What’s this nonsense for they’re evicted yet won’t go home… biggie u failed….if u could still keep them in the house then deji didn’t deserve to leave too

One Sparkle wrote, “Others evicted should be back to the house. I wonder wetin biggie dey think. I dey vex. Taking them back to go win task. Is unfair to others that left. Very unfair especially Deji, Diana and gidifaya

@TWEETORACLE, ”Level 3 my FOOT. Na Chomzy be the REAL level that Biggie is watching. At this point, it’s hard to argue with all the calls by fans that she’d won some tasks by unjustifiable prejudice. Tonight it all became clear. Shame on you Biggie,”

@fredsneh, ”Big brother giving this evicted housemates screen time and a chance to win sponsored task is really partial and unfair. I have started reasoning that Biggie actually has a bias towards Chomzy. Always favouring that girl. Its tiring..”

One eslikings wrote, “This is total rubbish. Evicted housemate still on our TV screen. Abeg this year big brother is becoming tiring

One Roxy wrote, “So evicted housemates is playing the game AGAIN and winning tasks with remaining housemates! What NONSENSE is this. RUBBISH! BBNS7 sucks

@QueenEhi, “Production has lost it at this point they will soon introduce a twist where the housemates will be going out to buy pepper.”

@KuukwaV, “You removed every single level 2 housemate with no sentiment,now u creating a new level for what exactly? This is annoying my life.”

One Glory Joseph wrote, “Rubbish show why will u give evicted housemates one more week to remain in the house. Ah. Not Chomzy still telling Phyna that she has not leveled up. Biggie u do this one.