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BBNaija Reunion: Nini and Arin face-off in a battle of words while Yerins screams in the middle of the heated argument (Video)

After a long weekend, Big Brother Naija’s’shine ya eyes’ reunion returned to our screens with more drama, peace-making, jokes, and more.

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Yerins Abraham stole the show on the most recent episode of the reunion when he was caught in a violent brawl with Nini Singh and Arin Olao.

On the show, Nini Singh and Arin, who were previously best friends, battled, with neither of them willing to take responsibility for their failing relationship.

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During the show, the two sparred about their friendship’s betrayal.

When Nini and Cross had a fight in the house over cleaning tasks, Nini questioned Arin about his support for Cross.

Following the altercation, Arin, who was out of the house at the time, put an unpleasant comment on Cross’s Instagram page, though she claimed it was left by her Instagram handler.

Nini was angry to see her best friend encourage her adversary as she walked out of the house.

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Nini said, “Yes, I am angry at you because they said you left a comment on Cross’ page. And it was convenient to say that we’re spreading love and light”.

“But then, it’s not convenient for me not to speak immediately when somebody else insults you. It’s something to hold, right? But it is okay for you to spread love and light.”

“Can you see how insane that is? That’s Instagram. I’m a human being,” Arin fired back.

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Nini pointed out that, despite Arin’s claim that she wasn’t the one in charge of her page, Arin should be held accountable for any comments made on it.

Nini said, “Arin, it doesn’t matter if you don’t handle your page but your people should know your people. Whoever handling your page will know you are my girl and they wouldn’t leave that comment no matter what.”

She stated that Arin never contacted her after they discussed the problem.

Arin, on the other hand, honored her invitation to a gathering and remained silent about her feelings, only for the issue to be raised during the reunion.

Arin had also accused Nini of not speaking up for her when Pere branded her (Arin) ugly, something Arin holds grudges towards.

Nini prioritized her friendships with Whitemoney, Maria, Peace, and others since they were more famous, according to Arin.

As the ladies argued back and forth, Yerins, who was sitting between them, became so enraged that he had to scream at the top of his lungs.

He was perplexed as to why the ladies couldn’t work out their disagreements.

His antics elicited a lot of laughter from the roommates, including Arin and Nini, who couldn’t stop laughing.

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