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BBNaija Reunion: “You can’t have intellectual conversation” Angel Smith blasts Cross (Video)

Cross Okonkwo and Angel Smith had a face-off about their failing relationship on tonight’s episode of Big Brother Naija’s’shine yo eyes’ reunion.

Angel Smith, who had a lot to say, went into detail about how she gave her best to make their relationship work.

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Despite the fact that Angel and Cross denied being in a relationship, their connection was unique.

Cross did not return the same energy that Angel Smith gave him, according to Angel Smith.

Angel confessed that she would cook for him, lend him money, care for him when he was sick, book him a spa, and many other things, but Cross did nothing in return.

The final straw, according to Angel, was when Cross confronted her after she revealed she was in a relationship.

Cross, she said, wondered what would happen to their ship, Crossgel, if she started dating.

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Cross can’t have an intellectual conversation, according to Angel, since he gaslights people.

She went on to say that the reason she and Cross had so many fights in the house was because Cross was hypocritical. He was doing the same things around the house that she was doing, and he was continually whining about her.

Angel observed how Cross kept their friendship a secret by never commenting on her page or publicly recognizing her.

Cross, she believed, did not want anyone to know they were friends. He’d DM her photographs with a comment instead of leaving one on her posts, she alleged.

Cross described his relationship with Angel as that of two buddies who have each other’s backs and enjoy each other’s company. Angel nods in agreement.

When Cross learned that Angel Smith was in a relationship, he stated that he was hurt. Because they communicated on a frequent basis at the time, he assumed the reality star didn’t carry him along.

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He accused Angel of continually ghosting him because their friendship was usually sporadic outside the house.“Sometimes, I’d call her and she’ll not pick up. Then, I’ll try again weeks later, and then maybe she’d pick up… I was praying for her all the time”.

Cross refuted Angel’s assertion that he was never there for her, claiming that he was there emotionally for her. Angel requested him to make a list of her acts of service, to which Cross replied that he wasn’t the type of kid who would do so.

Cross explained that he wanted Angel to be Angel and Cross to be Cross outside the house when it came to hiding their friendship. Both of them refused to accept gifts from Crossgel supporters.

Both parties said they didn’t want to reconcile at the end of the back-and-forth.

Cross told Angel, “Dey your dey and I will dey my dey”.

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