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BBNaija Season 7 Day 13: Chomzy and Phyna clash after Wager Game (Video)

There was a lot of controversy during the wager chores between the Level One and Level Two housemates on Friday night.

After their wager game, which the Level One housemates once again won, the two housemates got into an argument.

Chomzy and Phyna got into a fight after the latter took offense to her statements and misunderstood them.

Phyna said she uttered “Chairman” during their gaming job, but Chomzy and some other players heard “Chioma,” prompting Chomzy to retaliate against Phyna.

Chomzy looked at Phyna’s physical appearance as she stated that she was prettier than her.

Phyna took offence to it, and she vowed to confront her whenever they reunited.

Indoors, Phyna vented out about it to another housemate, Beauty.

Phyna: Chomzy mad? How chairman take sound like Chomzy? I dey sell madness in wholesale, I package am like kpekete and Atarado dey sell am, as I dey warn her I dey warn that Eloswag join wetin dey bring that nonsense

See the exchange below

Beauty: Leave her

Phyna: no I go warn her

Phyna: Why will she call me ugly?

Beauty: She didn’t call you ugly, she said she fine pass you

Phyna: Wetin Dem dey call that one?

Phyna: She think say na by open teeth, open teeth wey dey wound man prick when you dey give am head

Phyna: If I catch your man for party you go vex Taya

Beauty: No catch my man oh

There may be tension between Phyna and Chomzy because of their involvement with Eloswag.

The first HOH appears to have a soft spot for Chomzy while also like Phyna.

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