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BBNaija Season 7 Day 15: “Slap me, Ccome and Slap me” Ilebaye says as she clash with Bryann fight over Modella (See Video)

The highlights of the reality series Big Brother Naija include fights, romance, and drama.

Ilebaye and Bryann made our evening with their first love quarrel as we clock down to the live elimination show.

Ilebaye, who has feelings for Bryan, became upset when she saw a fictitious housemate, Modella, applying edge control on Bryan’s hair.
Ilebaye had handed Modella her edge control so that she could make her hair look just like hers, but Modella didn’t give it back.
Bryan went to Modella for help with his hair because he is drawn to her.

When Ilebaye saw Modella using her edge control on Bryan’s hair, she became enraged and yelled at them.

Many of the other housemates became aware of the incident since it became so heated.

Ilebaye said she was upset because Modella used her edge control on his hair without first getting her consent.

Many people, however, didn’t think that was the case as they didn’t see a need for her to make a big deal out of it.

Ilebaye’s hypocrisy was exposed by Christy O, who attempted to mediate.

She remarked on how Ilebaye had done the same for Groovy by gifting Christy Groovy’s sweatshirt without getting his consent.

Ilebaye refused to listen to Christy O because she did not want to admit blame.

Christy O said: “What you’re angry about is the same thing you did to Groovy’.

In the heat of their fight, Ilebaye dared Bryan to slap her, but the latter, stated that he doesn’t best women.

Ilebaye: Come and now

Bryann: I can’t beat a woman and that’s the only thing you’re hiding under.

Modella who kept mute during the drama, had a private conversation with him when she let him know that Ilebaye had feelings for him with her action.

However, Bryann let her know that he was attracted to her, Modella.