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BBnaija Season 7 Day 26: Deji Sets To Cause Fight Among Housemates After Biggie Gave Him The Task

During Deji’s diary session Biggie bestowed him a task of causing confusion amidst housemates by making complaints of wanting to join Level 2.

Deji entered the bedroom with Doyin and started working on his Secret Task there. He started criticizing the raucous behavior of his housemates and told Doyin that he wanted to move up to Level 2.

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Deji During Diary Session

He claimed that despite coming from a polygamous background, he is accustomed to living alone.

“I’ve grown uncomfortable in Level 1 and could do with a change of scenery. The fights, and being in everyone’s face the whole time, is taking a toll on me and I would prefer to be in Level 2,” he said.

Doyin made an attempt to persuade him to reconsider his choice by pointing out that the situation on Level 2 is not any better as Amaka confided in her about wishing to be switched to Level 1 due of the constant fighting among her Level 2 Housemates. Deji was told to ask Biggie for a switchover, but she counseled him to be appreciative instead of ungrateful.

“You have to find a way to make the most of being in Level 1 because you are not guaranteed a better experience in Level 2”.