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BBNaija Season 7 Day 4: Housemates clash as Adekunle, Doyin, Chichi, and Sheggz pick fight (Video)

Being housed with strangers for months makes it unlikely that you won’t get into a fight with someone.

The BBN “Level Up” housemates appear to be picking fights too soon, in contrast to other housemates from different seasons.

The conflicts and arguments have lasted forever, starting with Phyna and Amaka, moving on to Chichi and Bella, and now to Adekunle, Doyin, Sheggz, and Chichi.

The affectionately referred to housemates on the show, the “Islands,” got into their first altercation.

There is a village girl from Benin City, Adekunle stated as he described the drama his group was performing.

Diana, a native of Benin, misinterpreted his statements after taking offense to them.

Diana defended her home country by claiming that Benin is not a village.

Adekunle attempted to clarify his meaning to her after realizing that she took his statements the wrong way. He claimed that because Alysyn is also from Benin, he didn’t mean to come off as haughty.

Surprisingly, his explanation made Chichi enraged, and things only got worse from there.

Adekunle made an effort to identify the reasons behind Chichi’s desire for understanding but her lack of it.

He questioned whether Chichi had a personal issue with him for her to misinterpret his statements.

Sheggz reprimanded Adekunle for taking the opposing side.

Sheggz also criticized Bella, his love interest, for standing by Adekunle.

The roommates got into a furious disagreement and started exchanging words before we could pronounce Jack Robinson.

Sheggz is told to fuck off by Doyin. Sheggz became irate and accused her of violating him.

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