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BBNaija Season 7 Day 46: “You are my babe, not my mother” — Sheggz blasts at Bella for reprimanding him during an argument ( Watch video)

Sheggz Olu, a contestant in Big Brother Naija’s seventh season, retaliated against his girlfriend Bella on September 7 when she tried to correct him.

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This follows the argument that broke out between him and his housemate Rachel over food.

Remember how Sheggz called Rachel dumb for serving Bella steak despite the fact that she was well aware of Bella’s dislike of the meat?

He refused to believe Rachel when she tried to explain that Bella had asked for beef instead of chicken and he began calling her names, which she responded to by calling him and his generation names in return.

As expected, Bella took Sheggz’s side and confronted Rachel for insulting his generation

The professional footballer had just finished recounting the violent altercation to Bryan and Dotun when Bella interjected and questioned why he felt the need to defend himself.

The 26-year-old actor was not amused by her reprimand and cautioned her not to ever give him advice again because she was his girlfriend and not his mother.

“You’re my babe not my mumsy; don’t vex me because I will come for you. Since when are you in a space to ask me such? I’ll speak on whatever I want to speak on,” he said assertively.

Watch the video below …