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BBNaija Season 7 Day 47: “Enjoy your single life” Sheggz tells Bella as they fight for the umpteenth time (Video)

Sheggz and Bella, roommates on Big Brother Naija Level Up, have been back and forth in their “tired” relationship, which many have labeled poisonous, and this is no longer news.

Their relationship has been rocky as a result of the reality stars’ disruptive conduct and superiority mentality.

Bella and Sheggz had a minor altercation for the nth time.

If Sheggz left the house, Bella had boasted that she wouldn’t take her back.
Sheggz, who is notorious for his domineering actions, lashed back at her.

Sheggz boasted that he would leave the partnership with a full chest if he were to leave.

Bella has never dated a man like him before, according to the Ikoyi big boy.

Bella expressed her outrage at his claim by saying that if she made him aware of his madness, everyone would know.

Sheggz retaliated by warning her that she would never get the opportunity.

Bella was upset by this because Sheggz frequently referred to her as crazy.

Bella: Don’t think if I go out the door I will ever accept you back

Sheggz: You have never been with a guy like me, if I bounce out, I will bounce out with my full chest!

Bella: If I ever tell you you are mad, the whole world will hear of it

Sheggz: You wouldn’t even get the chance to

Bella: but you told me I’m mad yesterday

Sheggz: Yh enjoy your single life

Bella: Mtchewwwwww…she walks away