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BBnaija Season 7 Day 47: Moment Bella pours rice near Rachel And All Housemates Stands Against Her

Bella suggested the Head of House that instead of waiting for Rachel to complete cooking, they should practice for their Wager first.

The Level Up Housemates have a lot to lose after dropping the Wager Task last week. Hermes has made it quite apparent that they must put up the greatest amount of effort in order to collaborate for the Wager Presentation on Friday. It would reduce the ongoing food-related controversy in the House.

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Last night, Biggie gave the Housemates their customary props and dancing music. Other Housemates joined Task leader Phyna as she began to practice. Even though there wasn’t a formal practice session, it went on.

Rachel was yesterday’s chef because the Housemates are now working together to prepare meals. None of the other housemates followed her into the kitchen as she prepared food for everyone.

Hermes then made the announcement that they would begin training once Rachel had completed preparing meals for everyone in the House. Bella disagreed, saying they should work out first and then eat.

Phyna Telling Bella It’s not right

Hermes thought it unfair that Rachel, who was preparing meals for the group, would not be allowed to practice first.

Hermes acted like a true democratic leader when he asked the Housemates who wanted to practice before eating to raise their hands. The only one who did so was him. No one had raised their hand, and Bella and Sheggz both did the same.

Bella raised her voice in objection to Hermes, and he stated that everyone has a choice not to participate after eating or only eat after practising. “Rubbish talk,” Bella called it, blaming Rachel for the delay. She told Sheggz that cooking for the collective should not be that hard, and Sheggz said, “if it’s not, then you go do it”.