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BBnaija Season 7 Day 50: Housemates Old-School Saturday Night Party Came Short On Biggie’s Orders

On top of having a Saturday Night Party every week, Housemates also throw themed parties throughout the week.

The Housemates went to the beach the previous week and held a glow-in-the-dark event last week. Parties with a theme usually give the Housemates a fresh vibe, and they never let down by lighting up the dance floor.

Screenshot 20220911 084709 Instagram

The previous evening was the same. The usual clothing were given, and they were happy to see wigs.

Saturday Night Party is an old-school vibe and the back-to-back hits made sure that the dance floor was occupied and lit.

Screenshot 20220911 084659 Instagram

We were all curious about what was on the menu yesterday night, and Biggie looked to be throwing it back when afros and curly wigs were shown. Housemates with various vintage looks, some of whom even appeared older than they actually are, gave the impression that they were in a time machine.

Adekunle entered the room during pre-photography time and even sat in a grandpa-like manner during his session. Although Chomzy labeled him a grandfather, he was obviously aware of the subject for the evening. As he rocked to back-to-back songs, he also gave off the impression that he was the party’s life.

Bryann appeared to have just left a Great Gatsby scene, while Eloswag and Chomzy had identical afros. He looked good in his Manhattan Fedora Hat and suspenders. After trying on the dress, Bella changed into another attire, but her expression was unhappy.

As they danced and sung along together, Bella and Chomzy gave off a best friend feeling on the dance floor. Their favorite jam as they sung along to D’Banj’s song was “Omo, you don make me fall in love.”