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BBNaija Season 7 Day 53: Rachel calls Hermes out amid tears over movie date

The housemates got into a disagreement over a typo in their request for a movie date.As a result of the animosity between Hermes and Rachel, the latter ended up sobbing in her own tears as Big Brother announced to the house who would be going on an overnight movie date.

Hermes, who was aware that Rachel made the request and was only partnered with Chichi, was accused by Rachel of purposefully swapping her name with Chichi. Hermes’ actions, the rider argued, were related to his outward declaration of his dislike for her personality.

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Hermes responded to Rachel’s outburst by calling her “diabolical,” which led him to avoid her. Adekunle was also informed by the former HoH that the loss of the movie date was not part of any evil scheme.

The roommates thought they would be partnered up for the date, which was a mistake. Big Brother made it clear that only the housemates on the list would get to experience the luxury of an overnight stay.