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BBnaija Season 7 Day 57: Groovy and Phyna temporarily went their separate ways after an issue occured during pool party

With everything red in sight, the Level Up Housemates and House Guests had a fantastic Saturday Night Party. Like every Saturday Night Party, there was a small amount of drama as the Groophy ship experienced yet another difficulty while the Doniella situationship is having difficulties at the harbor of love.

Groovy and Phyna got into a fight over Groovy’s behavior in the Party Room as soon as the Housemates left the room. Phyna claimed Groovy was manipulating her emotions, but he refuted her claims. Hermes and Eloswag attempted to interfere by giving Phyna some stern words, but she was having none of it.

Following another round of Phyna’s breakup threats and Groovy’s pleading, Phyna continued to complain about Groovy’s attitude at the party and his attitude whenever she won Tasks in the restroom. He disputed it all, saying that he has personal problems that make it look as like he is not interested in her.