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BBnaija Season 7 Day 7 Party: Scenarios that occurred between Level 1 and Level 2 housemates as party hard last night

The Level Up Housemates wrecked the dance floor with their moves when the clock hit 22:00 WAT time yesternight.

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Biggie did not let us down when he told each Level to enter the party room to get down, and boy did they serve some moves. The Housemates from each Level were introduced to one another, instantly became friends, and danced the night away with various partners.

Romance, Kisses, and Flirting

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There was more to the evening than just dancing; there were also lots of passionate kisses and flirting. As their friends danced the night away, Eloswag and Phyna were overtly flirting. Additionally, Dotun was seen conversing with Beauty outside the party area. Doyin and Cyph had a very passionate kiss at the end of the night, which astounded the audience and ignited social media.

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How the Party Ended

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The celebration came to a conclusion with everyone in good spirits, and the Level 2 Housemates bid their Level 1 counterparts farewell before being told to enter their Level and seal the doors behind them. When the doors were shut, the Level 2 women screamed their praise for the Level 1 men. Phyna made it obvious that she went to Eloswag and fired her darts while talking about kissing him.

As opposed to Giddyfia, Dotun, and their abs, Amaka gushed about them. Amaka remarked to Christy O that while she admired Giddyfia’s silliness, she also found Dotun to be attractive due to his guarded demeanor. Later, she and Christy O and Phyna made a light-hearted wager that she would kiss Giddyfia the moment she set eyes on him.

We earlier reported that Beauty was pissed about Groovy’s attitude at the party because she feels he was disrespectful in the way he danced with the ladies from Level 1. While in the bathroom with Ilebaye she threatened she was going to leave Groovy and everyone would be shocked when she did. Later on, she confronted Groovy claiming she was careful with the way she danced with the guys from Level 1 and demanded to know why he wasn’t careful. She called his attitude disrespectful and claimed he was making her confused. Groovy denied all this, letting Beauty know there was no one else on his mind. 

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fb img 16592548362924935785600596725144

After the party, the Level 1 Housemates relaxed a lot and chatted with their Level 2 Housemates about all that happened.

Doyin admitted that she had observed Cyph at the Friday Task and had been moved by Beauty to give him a shot after they had shared a passionate kiss. The Level 2 Housemates appear to have left an impression on Chichi and Chomzy as well because they said they had a wonderful aura about them. Chichi charged the Level 1 guys with failing to recognize the Level 2 guys’ abilities after Adekunle and Dotun’s replies.

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Dotun responded to her observation that the Level 1 boys seemed insecure by claiming that he could read such things and that the Level 2 guys were truly afraid by them.

We can’t wait to see what else transpires at upcoming gatherings of each Level after the Saturday Night Party, which undoubtedly revealed several dimensions.

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