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BBNaija Season 7: “You are crazy” – Doyin tells Chizzy after he knelt down on ‘National TV’ to profess love for her (video)

Chizzy, a Big Brother Naija housemate, confessed his love to Doyin last night by getting down on his knees.

Doyin reddened as usual, but she informed Chizzy that any lady who takes him seriously is the most naive and idiotic person in the world.

Doyin has played off the advances made by Chizzy, a different roommate, after he got down on one knee and proposed to her.

On Wednesday night, the pair—who are close friends off the show and enjoy spending time together—were conversing when Chizzy abruptly knelt down and declared his love for her.

Due to his funny personality and reprimand for preparing a spectacular romance proposal, Doyin assumed he was making fun of her.

Any woman who takes him seriously, according to her, is gullible. However, Chizzy insisted that he was serious and claimed that bending down for a woman is the best way for him to demonstrate his love for her.

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Doyin continued to doubt him when he said that he wanted them to have a relationship that would last after the show. She jokingly referred to him as insane and charged that he was attempting to use her to produce fodder for the show’s viewers.

Check out the drama below.