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BBNaija star, Leo Da’Silva reveals why men die first in most marriages


Leo Da’Silva, a reality show star, took to social media to explain why males are frequently the first to die in most relationships.
Men who have lived abroad, he claims, would understand why their gender is always the first to die in this region of the globe.

He highlighted pressure as the biggest cause of mortality in males since they are often burdened by their family, career, and other obligations.
He also counselled men to hold on to their supporting marriages since supportive ladies are hard to come by.

According to the Reality TV star,“If you have lived abroad as a man, you will get why men are always the first to die in a marriage in this part of the world. It is also mostly heart problems.
Na pressure dey kill us.
Supportive spouse is mostly a myth.
If you find that, hold her with your life,”


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