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#BBnaijareunion:”My opinion about you is that you don’t have sense” Angel heavily lambasts colleague during the reunion show [Video]

The BBnaja reunion show has already gotten the minds of fans of the show who have much anticipated witnessing the drama that stems from previous reunion.

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We previously reported that BBnaija reunion filming started early this month and there have been a lot of controversies attached to it as fans would not stop reminiscing about specific events that occured in the house.

A glimpse of what is to be aired on the show eas released online and this has got many talks wagging especially the scenario between Beatrice and Boma.

Beatrice and Boma Blast Each Other In Atmospheric Chaos

In what seems to be like a clash of Titans, Boma and Beatrice were seen hurling words of insults at each other.

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Although we didn’t know what transpired between the both of them as the show has not dully commenced.

However, Boma was heard shouting “Shut up!!!” repeatedly while the reply from Beatrice showed they had been on her issue close to body shaming.

Beatrice replied

“Your girlfriend fine pass me?”

Angel and another housemate

Reality Tv star Angel who just announced that she had relocated abroad was seen in the BBnajja intro video with loads of violence in her mouth.

The BBnaija former housemate was referring to a colleague when she said;

“My opinion about you is that you don’t have sense”

The violence and drama fans of the show were waiting for has been unleashed as the show starts properly in June.

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