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“Being a Nigerian is a cʯrse home and abroad” – BBN’s Khloe fumes

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Khloe, a former Big Brother Naija contestant, is enraged by a conviction she has that being Nigerian is a curse not only in Nigeria, but also abroad.

Abiri Oluwabusayo Khloe, the model and owner of Abiri Oluwabusayo Khloe, is a frequent traveller who makes sure to update her fans every time she leaves the nation to display her exotic lifestyle.

It’s very likely that she’s had some vexing encounters throughout some of her travels, leading her to believe that being a Nigerian is a curse, both at home and abroad.

She claims she’s seeking to shift the narrative on her SnapChat… Being a Nigerian is a curse at home and abroad, she wrote.

 …. i have to change that

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It’s poverty that makes people say they can’t do cosmetic surgeries — BBN Star, Khloe

Former Reality Tv Star, Khloe has disclosed that “Poverty is the reason most people think they will never surgically enhance their bodies”.

During a podcast interview with media personality Ehiz, the reality star made the comment.

She mentioned that she done it to raise her confidence levels when asked why she enhanced her figure.

As a woman you need to have confidence and if you have the money please fix your body, don’t let nobody tell you otherwise.

It’s poverty that makes people feel like they will never do surgery, if you have money, you will do it”


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