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Biggie surprised Bella and Sheggz with a romantic dinner in the Level Up garden [See Video]

Having lived in the realm of the Queen, this fine London boy has many fascinating tales to share. He has finally found the person he wants to wed, and he will stop at nothing to let everyone know about it.

He will also stand up for her honor if anyone were to try to take her away. He and Bella set sail on their ship in the early Level Up days, and despite popular belief that their ship is a plot device, he has publicly declared his love for Bella. The two always apologize and move ahead, even if their relationship hasn’t always been smooth.

He places a lot of importance on appearance and will cover up an unattractive haircut to avoid being seen with terrible hair. Giddyfia gave him the worst haircut ever on their first trip to the salon.

Biggie has sauced the union of these beauties with a dinner date. Bellas was all joy when she entered the arena where Biggie had prepared for them.