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Bobrisky finally makes a change of mind as Reps consider crossdressers bill that will punish offenders with 6 months in jail

Idris Okuneye A.K.A Bobrisky, a Nigerian Male Barbie, has posted a post claiming that he is a woman and not a crossdresser.

This comes as the House of Representatives considers a bill that would outlaw cross-dressing in Nigeria and sentence violators to six months in prison.

The bill, which was read on the House floor on Tuesday, April 5, seeks to outlaw cross-dressing with the exception of individuals who do it for fun.

Cross-dressers will be condemned to 6 months in prison if the proposed law is passed.

In response, Bobrisky issued the following disclaimer:

I’m not a crossdresser, I’m a woman, I have done many surgeries that can’t be reversed such as lipo, boobs etc… when the time comes even court self go confirm as say I’m now a girl.

Still have many upcomning surgeries to be done. Na who be crossdresser go dey fear. I have all my doctor’s report on all my surgeries so when the time comes, my Lawyer will sort all that for me

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