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Break up? Reactions As Groovy and Beauty’s Love Turn Sour

The partnership between Beauty and Groovy might be in trouble. after telling him in detail about her ex’s affair.

They had an emotional discussion last night, and as a result, Beauty told Groovy that she no longer wanted to be around him. Although they don’t have any underlying problems, she claims he doesn’t recognise her in public, so it’s best if she stays away for a bit.

Different Level 2 Housemates have different perspectives on Beauty’s response. Phyna says the problem was brought on by the kiss she shared with Groovy. Khalid questioned whether they had established boundaries in their relationship and Amaka asserted that when someone approaches Beauty too closely, they are “marks” by her.

Beauty’s remarks upset Groovy, and as lovers, he believed that some eye contact would persuade her to reconsider, but she was adamant in her position. We were surprised to discover Groovy caressing Daniella’s legs this morning after Beauty and Daniella resolved their disagreement from last night.

Is Groovy a playboy, then?

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