Breaking: Iran Threatens A Revengeful War Against Israel

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in Tehran in February. “We will take our revenge from the Zionists,” he said in a statement carried by Iranian state TV on Monday…NYTimes

Iran’s foreign ministry, Mohammad Javad Zarif has vowed revenge and reveals the country will retaliate against Israel at a time and place of Tehran’s choosing

According to New York Times, Mohammad threatened vengeance for what he painted as an attack at a Uranium enrichment plant over the weekend.

He mentioned this on Monday in a private meeting with lawmakers after a blackout at Iran’s nuclear facilities at Natanz.

He, however, confirmed it will not hinder the high-level attempt to restore the country’s nuclear deal program with world powers.

Aljazeera live also reported;

Israel has not officially accepted responsibility for the attack but has imposed no censorship restrictions on its wide coverage by local media, some of which has explicitly said Israel’s spy agency Mossad was responsible.

Although Nournews, a media outlet related to Iran’s security equipment, referenced anonymously at the intelligence ministry, revealing that the unidentified person responsible for the cause of power outage by disrupting and altering electrical system has been known and procedures are being followed to apprehend the individual, it said.

Meanwhile, in other news,

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