Burna Boy Clashes With Former Super Eagle Star, Obafemi Martins

An Instagram popular blogger has released a succinct statement about the clash between Burna boy and ex-Nigerian super eagle forward, Obafemi Martins popularly identified as Obagoal.

According to CDQ, it was Burna boy’s aide who first demanded that Obafemi martins should prostrate after which the ex-super eagle striker slapped him.

See the tweets:


Reacting to this, popular blogger revealed on their Instagram page a piece of lengthy information that clears the air on the controversial brouhaha.

Read full statement:

cutie_julls About CDQ’s earlier outburst on Twitter

Apparently Burna and his guys confronted obagoal and told Him to dobale for one of his guys outside Quilox club

That why will obagoal ‘tasi’ one of his boys

That Obafemi Martins at his age should prostrate

Burna’s boy confronted Oba very Aggressively saying why is obafemi making noise. Who dey shout etc right in Obafemi’s face. So Obafemi got angry then slapped him

Burna reacted. Obafemi told him when elders are talking the guy shouldn’t do that. That Burna should caution his bou on his own insteadnormally

We don’t know the name of Burna’s guy yet but we learnt it was one of the short guys in Burna’s team

Oba eventually apologised but Burna kept going on and his boys wanted to let Oba do frog jumps if not the intervention of other club attenders that came to his resque

Authentic as it happened at Quilox.. mama with the gist

NB:- Oya.. bloggers come and steal and don’t credit Mama as usual lol wahala

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