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Casualties Recorded As Davido and Crew Members allegedly get Into a Fight with another Group in Dubai


Davido, a Nigerian singer, and his entourage are said to have gotten into an altercation with another group in a Dubai nightclub.

According to accounts, several clubgoers invaded the venue and purchased a large number of drinks, while Davido ordered a bottle of Azul and a Don Julio upon his arrival.

When they saw this, they took out their phones and started recording the performance.

When the bouncers informed them that Davido wasn’t happy with the act, a fight broke out between Davido’s guys and the patrons.

It was also revealed that one of the patrons passed out when a bottle was thrown at him. The cops interfered along the way, but some female clubbers said Davido’s guys had taken their phones.

Davido and Crew Members allegedly get Into a Fight with another Group in Dubai

On Instagram, a Dubai-based eyewitness known as Queen Modelstar described how the brawl between Davido’s clients and crew began.

As previously reported, Davido and his entourage got into a brawl in a Dubai nightclub. According to sources, when Davido and his entourage arrived at the club and ordered a bottle of drink, several clients started to film them.

According to the claims, a member of Davido’s crew attempted to stop the clients from filming, claiming that Davido disliked being videotaped. However, it devolved into a brawl, with one of the patrons being struck in the head with a bottle.

Davido began the fight, according to an eyewitness who published her tale on the Instagram page Remedy Blog. Davido sat unconcerned after one of the clients was stabbed, according to her.

She typed, “Yes @remedyblog Davido fought, in fact, he started the fight before his gang took over from him, then he just sat and watched, even when the boy was stabbed”.

However, according to another Instagram user who was also there at the time, Davido did not initiate the fight, but rather his crew did.

She also wrote, “I was there last night. Yes there was a fight, but it was only OBO friends, and securities are involved”.

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