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CCTV captures the moment a man stole an IPhone 12 pro max from a shop in Computer Village Lagos (video)

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A CCTV video of a young man stealing an iPhone 12 pro max from a shop in Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos state, has sparked rage on the internet.
In the now-viral clip, which sparks rage among social media users, an anonymous man was seen approaching the phone store as if he were a client looking to buy something.
When the shopkeeper approached him to accept his order, he swiftly diverted her by picking up the phone that was on the shelf.
When he was confident no one was watching, he slipped the stolen phone into his pocket and walked out of the store in style.

With my comedy skits, I wish to alleviate sadness – Nasty Blaq, comedian

Nasty Blaq

Abisi Ezechukwu, also known as Nasty Blaq, a Nigerian skit maker and content producer, has explained why he continues to make comedic skits.
Nasty Blaq shared on his Instagram storey that he sometimes wonders why he continues to develop and churn out social media skits, but then he realises that he wants to use humour to help others overcome sadness.

He claims that he is focused on alleviating depression and assisting patients in improving their mood, despite the fact that he cannot totally eliminate their symptoms.

Nasty Blaq wrote,

“Sometimes I don’t even know why I create skits anymore but I’m just focused on curing depression even if I can’t totally remove the pain I will do my best.
Laugh cos YOLO!”

See screenshot:

Nasty Blaq


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